Of course, this is the most important question when you are considering selling a piece of diamond jewelry. The value of a diamond is primarily determined by its 4C:

CARAT: How much does the diamond weigh?
COLOR: Does the diamond look yellow?
CLARITY: Could you all the "stuff" in the diamond?
CUT: How well does a diamond reflecting the light?

Once these four factors are known, we can determine how much your diamond is worth. To this process as quickly as possible we have with the diamond price range, allow us to create value quickly come to your diamond.

You are not obligated to sell us your diamond, and the quote is free. Try to buy our diamond price quote.

For a better understanding of the market, diamond, diamonds, like an estimated value and is what happened to your diamond after it is sold, please read our general overview of the selling diamonds.
Okay, so how is this appraisal price determined? Retail jewelry stores are in business to make a profit. This should not come as a surprise to anyone, but many people do not realize that there is often a very large mark up on jewelry...often times as much as 3 times the jewelers actual cost. Jewelry is one of the emotional purchases that individuals make and people should not confuse a purchase of passion with an investment. Most of the time, diamonds and diamond jewelry purchased at retail are not a good investment due to the mark up at the retail level. It is unrealistic to expect to recieve what was paid when you wish to sell
Now, it should also not come as a surprise to anybody that the wholesaler who supplied the diamond, the precious metals, and any other components used on the piece of jewelry also made a profit. Although wholesalers do not make anywhere near the profit margins that retailers require, they still often make up to 20%.

Lastly, especially when you are interested in selling an engagement ring, you must realize that this is typically a purchase involving the most emotion, and most ladies I have met in my life want their own individual engagement ring and not one that has been worn by someone else. There are of course exceptions to this such as their grandmothers ring, their mothers ring, etc. or a signed piece such as a Tiffany and Company, Cartier, Graff, etc.

So what is the bottom line? Since there are no rules governing jewelry or diamond appraisals, there is a lot of variance depending on who wrote the appraisal. In general, you should expect somewhere between 20-40% of the appraisal price when you wish to sell your diamond jewelry back to a dealer. Please understand that often the value of the ring itself is calculated by the current value of the metal and how much it weighs plus the carat weight of any side stones at wholesale. All of the markup and the cost of manufacturing are lost as most of the time the rings are torn apart and melted down to produce new jewelry items.


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